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To demonstrate how to use glasses molds our temperament stars

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
The so-called 'clothes make the man', not necessarily just need glasses myopia, now estimates that everyone understand this truth. But what to wear, how wear, this is exquisite. How to rely on a pair of glasses molds our temperament, we take a look at the stars in the demonstration. In order to shape or change their own temperament or image and don't see stars in the minority, with a pair of glasses and see those who often haunt fashion party or stars on the cover of the magazine, just know a thing or two. So the question comes, how different frames can bring us different temperament? What should we choose appropriate own picture frame? Fan bingbing VS circular frame fan bingbing face standard, the skin is white, wearing a circular frame, can let her look round and lovely, small and exquisite. The great circle of the glasses are not suitable for face short ( Or full-figured) Of the people. Charlene choi VS fangyuan form narrow side frames charlene choi rarely wear glasses. Her face, folk prescription and lovely image next door, supplement within narrow side frame is suitable, but let a person look sweet, pure and fresh and chic. Super wu VS glasses suit, the box's agile and clean hair, plus a pair of black glasses, and the box is suitable for the fashion business people wear on various occasions. Atmospheric poise, also revealed a mature man glamour fashionable breath. Wearing it, should be more formal dress, just have the overall effect, but bear in mind that the black suit and white shirt. Johnny? Depp VS retro colloid frames under Depp slightly melancholy eyes, the nose on a classic retro colloid frame and small size circular window glasses, can soften the face more rigid lines, highlighting his elegant temperament of restoring ancient ways.
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