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To look at South Korea's 'the song' the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Speaking of trend, South Korea is the power of trends and fashion, the domestic many boys and girls are watching Korean dramas, Korean, love of Korean culture. Dark glasses as a cool artifact, but also been sought after by many young people. So when the south Korean culture and sunglasses, and what is picture? Today is to look at South Korea's fire 'the song' sunglasses to deduce. Classic song joong ki frog mirror descendants of the sun nearly end soon, but your husband song joong ki 'gun'! Screen in front of many audiences poking his chest cry bitterly, but recall song joong ki began wearing sunglasses, as if just yesterday. The screen image is deeply imprinted in the audience mind, visible frog mirror with uniform dress up is how wonderful! Frog mirror is all the rage among young people in the city of fashion in the 1980 s, on the market at that time this kind of things are very few, frog mirror mostly from foreign country, so can wear the frog mirror is a kind of avant-garde. Now the tide restoring ancient ways by song joong ki, the age of frog mirror again here. Running man in the mirror square sunglasses this is South Korea variety running man take charge of the 'running man film posters, she wears a poster of exaggeration and have artistic bracelet, faint show the glittering chain around her neck, and mirror reflective sunglasses to match, can feel full of queens across the screen. Black oval sunglasses small make up like rapper Song Min hao Song Min hao sunglasses to fully demonstrate the consistent hip-hop style, decorative mirror legs glistening, chains and daikin perfect echo. The oval sunglasses is more suitable for girls wear, because it's soft, if you would like to get a similar type, small make up recommend a cheap and fine for all of us! C01 frame sunglasses factory S9103 sunglasses black/lens gradient grey
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