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To maintain your skin, you need to prepare anti-blue glasses and adjust your body rhythm_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-27
Many people already know that the damage of blue light to the eyes will affect the quality of sleep, thereby disrupting the body's normal metabolic rhythm. The more painful consequence is that the beauty effect of hard work will be in vain. The more serious result is an adverse effect on the health of the body, triggering various physical discomfort symptoms caused by autonomic nervous disorders. One, a more effective solution is to look at computer screens less and use smart phones less. Of course, the more effective solution is to watch less computer screens and use less smart phones. However, such a solution is difficult for people who must use a computer at work. For people who are used to playing with their mobile phones for a while before going to bed, surfing the Internet, reading the news, and playing games, suddenly requesting not to look at the mobile phone screen will also affect the regularity of their lives. Especially now that many young people work and live in the city, the stressful workplace environment and the huge pressure of survival do not have too much time to relax, exercise, and leisure. The only option that can release the pressure is to surf the Internet on Weibo, play computer games, use mobile phones and friends to exchange messages and chat, etc. These hobbies can only be realized by looking at the LCD screen with eyes. Second, wear glasses with the function of blocking blue light. Considering these unavoidable circumstances, a more effective and simple solution to prevent blue light from harming our eyes and affecting our body rhythm is to wear glasses with the function of blocking blue light. For example, the 'JINS PC' series launched by the well-known eyewear brand JINS. There are two kinds of lenses, one is a transparent lens, which uses the principle of reflecting blue light, which can reflect part of the blue light in the light emitted by the LCD screen, and can block about 30% of the blue light. The advantage is that there is almost no chromatic aberration when looking at the screen through the lens. The other is a light brown lens, which uses the principle of absorbing blue light. It can absorb part of the blue light in the LCD screen, and can block 50% of the blue light from entering the eyes.
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