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by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
German design elite love with metal, line is concise, plain to see detailed, this is also the Germanic an embodiment of national character. This feature is also reflected in the glasses design. Germany excellent brand glasses really many, but among these designer brands, IC! Berlin is one of the very representative. 集成电路! Berlin lies in the design of the team development of the main features of thin steel metal frame and mirror feet without screw fork type, this also created the model of thin steel glasses. Using 0. 5 mm ultra-thin stainless steel, make its weight is only one 5 of the general sunglasses, and has high flexibility and toughness, so that each pair of glasses can break the wearer's face. Fell to a low risk of and for sensitive skin. Its very famous fork type stainless steel patented frame glasses from beginning to end a integrated, no screws or the existence of a spring, pressure automatically, thanks to avoid the distortion of the frame deformation form, this is IC! Stunning Berjin glasses. In addition, the IC! All born of aesthetic feeling, glasses has become a sculpture in this moment, will hinder glasses beauty all spare parts. Many European and American stars are the brand's fans, such as Tom cruise, Hugh grant, nicolas cage, Pierce brosnan, Sean Penn and Yi Sen, hawk, and so on. Jeremy collection/city series Jeremy collection/city series by glasses masters alain mikli son of Jeremy mikli for the blade design. Inspired by 'freedom' and 'dynamic' of New York City. This will bring you infinite form positive energy, it is like a kiss in the central park; Like on a very hot night you very cool and refreshing in the heart of the city to enjoy a pleasant dinner. Wear it! Replace it again until 2108. This series is the creative director Ralph Anderl praised as a timeless classic, looking forward to the future can continue to lead the trend in 97. 幂律Ic ! Berlin famouse rule sunglasses series aims to convey a kind of spirit and innovation, the German thin steel combined with the proportion of acetate fiber sheet with perfect collocation, again with classic unbeaten pilot sun elegantly frame type series lens gradient color, bend force to build in men and women and strong fashion sense and popular degree, the star of the show, more powerful, perfect present IC in Germany! Berlin_power law's unique design and comfort, even Hong Kong famous artist guo fucheng is put on the power Iaw to show its charming singer on the stage. The glasses and success in 201 France once again Silmo glasses prize award, Germany iclberlin_power law sunglasses is absolutely this season sunglasses red.
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