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To see the star how to deduce such as gao tyrannosaurus glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
On the occasion of a beautiful moment of bloom in the spring, BOLON glasses to trigger this quarter unique inspiration, win Sophie Marceau, gao, Ann, wu zun and the appearance of international stars, they all choose BOLON glasses, in this beautiful season of fantasy, love of spring lingering feelings and unique charm of beautiful, charming scenery line. Gao wear tyrannosaurus BL2560 aviator sunglasses gao, raise your hand is cast sufficient between is the goddess of rocks, from beautiful week zhi if to intellectual carambola, goddess more elegant temperament, nearly hit film 'let's get married' let many of the fans. Is elegant with BOLON glasses very take her, and she is beautiful and elegant, this spring the pilot BL2560 sunglasses, face the impact of metal, the modelling of intense hale, ancient faded modesty, become modern fashionable young woman, become a elegant elves in spring. Ann wearing a tyrannosaurus BL2531 sunglasses once the screen the young bride zhao, now the focus of the milan fashion week spotlight girl - — Ann, has belongs to her character, elegant, natural, warm, sunshine, such a soft and lovely woman, with the same quiet and luxurious interpretation with comfortable and elegant Fashion Icon. Embodiment BL2531, dazzle eye lens, a change to dark, color diversity, combined with thin metal out of style restoring ancient ways, enchanting sexy and elegant perfect correspondence with Oriental Chinese woman, this is her conquer the choice of the brilliant spring. Wu zun wear tyrannosaurus BL2560 sunglasses to choose pilots with BL2560 and national male god wu zun, though it is now turned into a national milk dad, but as a 'prince of brunei' he levels have no reduction in appearance, temperament is better. Is located in the tropical climate of male god chose to consider the effect on uv blocking strong and comfortable personality polarized sunglasses BL2560 pilot, in the bright spring sun, temperament Wang Ziyong changeful color BL2560 varied elegant shape spring. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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