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Tom Ford sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
If you list a few luxury fashion sunglasses brands in the world, what will you think of? PRADA( Prada) 奥克利( Oakley) 、CARTIER( Cartier) D& G( Dolce & gabbana) 。 。 。 With these international brands, the TomFord in clothing is famous, but just how TomFord sunglasses? TomFord contrary to the design of the master, no matter in the clothing design or glasses design, he blended in different elements, making it has its own unique ideas. He thinks that the designer should know how to face the people, response to the needs of the people. Side of the true story, a movie, a book, a picture is likely to be the source of design inspiration. TomFord( Tom ford) New series of sunglasses styles, classic and current popular geometrical design clever union, creating unique in style and easy to collocation style. Gradient color lenses, build elegant appearance, let glasses looks more luxuriant noble, all show unique attractive charm. Women sunglasses with soft flowing frame lines out of the sense of the superior quality, let glasses look more feminine; While men sunglasses, the business and leisure travelers, show man stately generous temperament.
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