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Tom Ford, the beauty of Private glasses series is not the same to you

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Tom Ford said: 'this series is one of my personal wear frames, part of the design was originally designed for oneself, so is the real private series. This set of glasses many are my favourite, more rare advanced material on the market. 'Private Eyewear series a total of 11 glasses, 11 anniversary commemorative introduced Tom Ford senior glasses of quality. Brand glasses are made of the best materials, such as facing chooses true buffalo horn, soft, noble color and exquisite natural texture, each pair of glasses each show unique temperament; As for the top Japanese titanium is lighter, texture, smooth, fashion style. All the sun glasses series are set with automatic darker and lighter can be according to the light intensity gradient lenses, ordinary glass frame is set with green, blue or brown lens. Private Eyewear series a total of 5 sunglasses. Design a memorable TOM N. 2, the material chooses bright black or bright stripe green horn, arm is equipped with signature T metal logo. New TOM N. 8 pilot sunglasses modelling roundy large, match with coarse bridge of the nose, the material chooses bright black horn, laced with light brown color lenses. TOM N. 10 is also thick line design, but the quality of a material is light, with a broad double the bridge of the nose. TOM N. 4 and TOM N. 6 the elegant arc, design with the pilot sunglasses as a blueprint, smooth rose gold, silver and black titanium supplement TOM FORD brand cross ( 跨 前) Framework and shallow brown or grey silver mirror gradient lenses, all show elegant demeanor. A series of six ordinary glass frame design and a few sun glass frame echo each other, but relatively heavy fact shape. TOM N. 1 is the traditional fly clerks glasses design, material selection black horn, with light grey lens. TOM N. 3 is a double beams travel glasses, stripe deep brown horn box lined with blue lenses, shallow brown or light brown horn box set with the lens. TOMN。 5 is the film 'a single man, ASingleMan) Even fyfe, wearing the classic style, the elder brother, this time appeared in Private Eyewear series, and is equipped with horn material with green lenses or black stripes, brown horn material matchs shallow brown lens. TOM N. The outline of 7 over TOM N. 5 is round, shallow brown horn frames particularly eye-catching. TOM N. 11 line is simple, design based glasses series of 2015 autumn winters in advertising are slightly smooth horn frame geometry, the bridge of the nose with metal decorative frame and an arm, blue lens times add glamour. New TOM N. 9 also continue to use the same design, but more practical, material choose stripe deep brown horn, edged with pale green lenses. Private Eyewear in TOMFORD series. After com sold exclusively, global TOM FORD of specialty and designated retail sale. This article from the Chinese glasses net, slightly deleted, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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