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Top Ten Brands of Glasses Frame_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-22
The top ten brands of eyeglass frames gather high-end brands and some designer brands from all over the world. These brand glasses frames pay attention to the exquisiteness of technology in the selection of materials and workmanship, and in the design, they all show their unique design connotations and show their own style. High-quality frames to meet the needs of different people, let's take a look at the top ten brands of eyeglass frames. 1. The Rayban spectacle frame is made of high-quality material to provide the wearer with a comfortable feeling for a long time. The perfect combination of classics and fashion has successfully created 'eternal Ray-BanIn the production, the innovative technology and exquisite craftsmanship are perfectly combined, and every detail is a fine product. 2. Du0026G glasses frames (Dolce u0026 Gabbana) Dolceu0026Gabbana was born in 1985, and today has become one of the most important international groups in the field of luxury goods. In 1995, it signed an agreement with Marcolin, a famous eyewear group, for Dolceu0026Gabbana sunglasses and myopia glasses series, which is responsible for the global distribution of Du0026G, Dolce u0026 Gabbana brand glasses. The Du0026G brand glasses frame follows the consistent high-end fashion of Du0026G, which is not exaggerated in personality, and is more suitable for wearing in life. 3. Versace glasses Versace's design style is very distinctive, and it is a unique artistic pioneer with a strong sense of beauty. The glasses are full of the sense of the times and are easily accepted by fashionable young people. In the past, Versace glasses used exaggerated and different styles, but now they are simple and natural. style. 4. Levi's Levi's glasses frame Levi's Levi's glasses integrates fashion, function and identity, so that frame glasses are more integrated into trendy elements; high-quality and high-grade materials are selected for pressing and polishing, emphasizing the three-dimensional changes in the lines of the temples, and the quality stands out; concise; The restrained design style makes it easier to match clothes, reflecting individuality and style. 5. The perfect combination of fashion elements of CK optical frame and metal frame, unique texture, leading the trend; simple outline and bold color use make CK glasses look different; the frame is made of imported materials, with good elasticity and high hardness, The welding point is firm, the durability is excellent, and the overall is delicate and beautiful; the CK glasses brand from the United States is famous for its fashion, and its design is full of sense, which is suitable for all people who pursue fashion. 6. The most important feature of NIKE glasses frame (Nike) is to integrate sports elements into it, and the frame is strong enough. Nike glasses frames tend to be neutral in design, reflecting elegant, subtle, generous, and simple style; using innovative technology and precision production, every detail creates a high-quality product; suitable for intellectual, enthusiastic and fashionable groups, highlighting individuality and temperament; Made of high-quality materials, light in texture, and added with more highlights in the color scheme, it is comfortable to wear; Nike glasses frames look different with simple silhouettes and bold colors. 7. It is a design brand in Hong Kong. It has a unique understanding of materials and the spirit of persistent pursuit of perfection, creating a tortoiseshell frame with excellent handicraft and no special features. Constantly innovating new materials and avant-garde design sense have launched a pair of trendy styles. Focus on high-quality professional services, durable and comfortable. 8. Nautica glasses frame Nautica glasses (nautica) inherits the 'positive and progressive brand concept' of Nautica, with stylish and stable design, mainly for young groups. The design is unique in shape, and the popular colors are perfectly mixed and matched, highlighting the extraordinary taste of fashion people. Most of the designs are neutral, elegant, subtle, generous, and concise, and can be used for sports matching. The frame design is stable and atmospheric, and every detail is carefully crafted to ensure wearing comfort. The plate frame is a kind of frame made of acetate fiber material, which has great advantages compared with the previous plastic frame. The plastic frame is easy to age, break and deform, while the plate frame is manufactured by cold processing, which is fine, good quality, not easy to deform, and durable. , has the characteristics of low price and high quality. The material of the metal frame is mostly made of a certain metal material or alloy, mostly copper alloy as the substrate, and then surface-treated, often plated with gold, or plated with rhodium or palladium white or titanium, which is strong and lightweight. , beautiful and fashionable. 9. From the material selection to the production process, the style and production of the Royal Paradise all follow the international route, using a variety of new materials, boldly combining various lines and popular colors, full of 'cool' flavor, chasing fashion, showcasing The best choice for personality. The metal is mainly made of top materials such as B-TITAN and magnesium-aluminum alloy, and the plates are all made of Italian A-type plates. The design of the details is delicate and in place, and the metal decoration of the temples and temples is multiplied and fashionable. Elegant and subtle, generous and concise, and exquisite workmanship, it embodies the style of Italian design. 10. Tyrannosaurus glasses frame Whether it is Tyrannosaurus sunglasses or Tyrannosaurus frames, its excellent quality is highly appreciated. Purely hand-polished materials and well-designed LOGO-derived patterns shine brightly. It truly interprets the excellent texture and perfect taste of Tyrannosaurus eyeglass frames, showing a distinctive, extraordinary, elegant and noble temperament.
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