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Tothe summer necessary sheet is tasted

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Summer is gone, but in the end of the summer, the focus is on a stylish men's summer fashion wear is not changed. And men of popular color this summer is white, the style is minimalist, wind up many the fit method of heavy and complicated, now all of the way many men wear has become more and more simple, comfortable, after all, it is also important, and minimalist wind outfit method which several item is necessary? Together and see it! 1. Shorts nice shorts is one of the main visual body important, outside looks simple, also can let the legs escaped the fate of the hot around the knee length, if it is a little loose style can look more young, if it's a bit fit clipping look will be more mature, relative to the more bright colors, white or navy blue will be more suitable for minimalist wind in summer. 2. A pair of dark glasses though mentioned earlier this year advocate minimalism wind, but the sunglasses is a very worth laid hands on him, a pair of suitable for your sunglasses will make you in this very stylish all summer, even if no one will know if you just wake up, of course, should choose a pair of suitable sunglasses, it is important to getting on with your face take up, or look will become very happy feeling. 。 。 Pure black or tortoiseshell is safer choice. 3. White T regardless of gender, age and skin color, every guy's wardrobe must have a few pieces of white T-shirt, although the accused T easily yellowing or dirty, only about a life so long in the summer. 。 。 But put on a simple white T-shirt is like a hit a security card, not to any occasion for! 4. White shoes reason is almost equal to the white T, this summer, the way all people regardless of men, women and children were all wearing Adidas classic shoe money Stan at smiths, although this is not the choice of white shoes, but it is a pair of shoes, super good build, simple white, gray or beige shoes will make you look more in the summer! 5 short sleeve shirt recently stand out to return to the embrace of the style is a short sleeve shirt, a simple (well-tailored Fit is really important) Shirt can let you in the office, leisure, and his girlfriend dating seamless integration among the three, of course, don't make it printed Hawaiian shirt, try single color or double color Mosaic style, will make you look more energetic. Shirt, shorts and white shoes, sunglasses, the combination of the four item very perfect! Although this item 5 samples is the mainstream of the summer, but there are still many wealthy individual style of non-mainstream sheet is tasted, remember, suits own is important, as it is difficult to find a suitable for small make up the face of the sunglasses. 。 。 So I just as long as see sunglasses will not consciously try, lest we should miss the chance of a pack to force, ha, ha, ha ~ but a lot of the time also hurt pocket just sad!
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