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Tracing the cause of ladder card launch colorful summer new sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Blazing hot summer a strong hit, as essential elements of reveal the summer fashion taste, a character joker pair of sunglasses for descent can effectively resist ultraviolet ray and adds more practical. Choose a pair of their own, sunglasses, without fear of dazzling sunlight, fresh jump colors bring abundant life, dynamic summer fashion. Ray-ban RB3016Ray - Ban ray-ban carefully present the great breakthrough, revolutionary gradient reflective coating lens collisions with innovative details perfect, fully embodies the brand innovation design level, personality trend burning passion, the summer carnival. This glasses for party's got talent series double frames on design, mirror legs slender straight line, golden metal bridge of the nose, carving detail adorns, novel and chic elliptic solid rivets, for classic style has entrusted with the brand-new charming amorous feelings. Ray-ban RB3025 new gradient reflective coating lens deduce classical pilot series, lead the new trend. Delicate black outline with crystal reflective gradient coating lenses may be cast into a classic fashion style of symbols. Gradient mirror slice consists of red, blue and green three colors are optional. Ray-ban RB3447N new planar crystal lenses with delicate and elegant gradient shiny color ( Including gray, light purple, light blue and yellow) copper Added to the dazzling dazzling golden metal picture frame, avant-garde and fashionable breath, classic ray-ban round glasses series die mirror legs, fine lines, make the design of this kind of enduring presents different neutral charm. Vogue Eyewear VO4002SVogue Eyewear balze new series will be the diversification of brand image, to create modern trend, inclusive of the brush luminous color foil is nifty and lovely women. This charm spotlighting the sunglass design contracted and fluent, but with strong woman flavour, sexy style for the new definition. All metal material light and toughness, supplemented by modern contrast effect, is full of vitality and passion of modern women are the most perfect accessories partner, they keep the most fashionable profile anytime and anywhere. Picture frame on the shiny polished finish, make public the temperament of strengthen confidence. Giorgio Armani AR 8085 Giorgio Armani with delicate unsurpassed aesthetic style and distinctive taste molded eternal beyond the fashion style of The Times, the right feeling of perfect expression power and sensibility both beauty, clear conscience summer wise choice; Heavy and complicated is boring summer need profusion colour ornament. These unique large picture frame style, concentrated the Armani brand essence. Smooth lines, elegant flowers on its leg printing design, moving melody: the theme of the spring/summer collection series 2016 the perfect feeling, express the power and the beauty of sensibility concurrently. MiuMiu SMU 55 rmiumiu will restore ancient ways in the form of creative elements and beyond the traditional design inspiration combine, collision sparks of incomparable, dazzing glorious highlighting publicity and sexy summer amorous feelings, the style of writing unique brand password. Miu Miu Scenique special series was dazzling debut in the spring/summer 2016 fashion show. Mellow curve flow frame shape of circle lenses, create new style of large metal frame design. Ultrafine metal line, highlights the lightsome ZhiDeGan, contrast with the large positive picture frame design part. Classical golden tones of picture frame with large picture frame photograph echo, can choose different color and color version. Miu Miu marker identification. Prada SPR 60 sprada to challenge tradition, the hearts of dazzle toppled the normal definition of elegant design, design element with geometrical line of large classic silhouette, with new and modern way of charming beauty mirror type, bright summer began. The butterfly sunglasses reminiscent of brand show glasses style, delicate structure, frame on both sides of the embedded decorated with color plate, wrapped in metal contour lines. The use of color and brand clothing series of complement each other, including classical natural black, marble color and tobacco color, with bright red and blue add how much vigor. Prada marker identification. Prada Linea Rossa SPS 57 r the Prada Linea Rossa sunglasses has an irresistible lines, concise and fluent. Ultrafine metal frames with the echo of irregular contour of the lens. The lens colors for multiple choice: including brown and charcoal gray and black mirror, mirror pink and blue mirror. Set foot position is decorated with Prada Linea Rossa logo. This article from YOKA fashion website, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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