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Translation officer li lei - — A faithful follower of the eyebrow glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
'Dear translator' is currently in hunan TV hit, ratings, high, gripping drama with attractive high level talent in appearance, fine sister have captured a lot of heart. Small make up for a photo, you look at who is this? Can you recognize him? If the girls have to succumb to want to scream? Understand understand, big handsome boy, the sister of critical must watch out, the cool stylish men is one of the senior actors 'dear translator', li lei director li is also. James plays li lei is with Cheng Jiayang high school colleagues. Science let below small make up to you about the handsome boy: Chinese name: James foreign names: James the record in the national race: han star city: Scorpio blood type: type O body high: 179 cm body weight: 68 kg birthplace: chengdu, date of birth: November 4, 1982 job: actor language: Chinese, English, French school: north king's performing arts majoring in school, the school of foreign languages, the Chinese university of electronic science and technology agency: limping a nail, film and television culture studio representative works: six doors, iron man Xia Minghan, read a river to the north, far away, dear translator, junior iii li, peach blossom James's family was very good, and mom appearance is also very high, as a young man is a pure natural beauty, although mother now is full of wrinkles on the face, but a very have temperament, not only dress up fashion, even mentality is very young. According to James, mom's idol is hawick lau! Careful friend must have noticed that James would really French movies. Before actually, James's undergraduate studying in China university of electronic science and technology institute of foreign languages, majoring in English and French, minor in business management. To capture a outstanding student! See James don't wear glasses of handsome, everyone except exclamation sunshine handsome, like small make up have a little miss the forever li, director of eyebrow wireframe black glasses? Rightness! This is our familiar li, director li lei! Black eyebrow wireframe is his standard. I suppose you also took some idea stylist, li, director of the eyebrow line on glasses is really more highlights a social elite posture? Not the kui is a high court translation officer director li ah. GUESS GU2528 unisex eyeglass frame 052 hawksbill seiko T0730 unisex eyeglass frame G02 gun color eyebrow wire frame glasses this year but, hot money, do you have a heart? Look small make up close to pick two eyebrow wire frame glasses, a pair of partial tide, a pair of partial business, there will always be your food, want to lee, director of the temperament, you are a eyebrow wire frame glasses! Want to see more the eyebrow glasses can look here: https://www. yichao。 Cn/yanjingkuang/meixiankuang /
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