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Treatment of fundus hemorrhage_Industry Information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-29
Bleeding belongs to the category of traditional Chinese medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is a blood syndrome and should be treated in time. If it is not treated in time, it can easily lead to blindness. When the disease is treated, it takes a long time and should be treated slowly, and the absorption of the drug is slower, while there are more complications, and the blindness rate is very high. Treatment with traditional Chinese medicine can achieve satisfactory therapeutic effects. The following is a brief introduction to the treatment of fundus bleeding. First, you should have an understanding of the pathology. There are many pathologies of fundus hemorrhage. Only when you find the corresponding pathology, you can prescribe the right medicine. When choosing medicines, Chinese patent medicines are usually used. Such medicines are made from compound prescriptions, which can not only cure diseases, but are also beneficial to health. Second, for patients caused by internal and external blood injuries, Qili San can be used three times a day during treatment. Or use Panax Notoginseng Huoxue Pill, also three times a day. For patients, the treatment should be adhered to, and after the results are effective, they should be treated in time to prevent recurrence of the disease. For patients caused by intravenous embolism, first use oral liquids to eliminate embolism, or use granules to eliminate embolism. Third, in daily life, diet can be used for treatment to limit the intake of oily foods. It is better not to eat fatty foods such as pork and beef. There should be more foods with higher protein, such as soybeans, mung beans, milk, etc. And you should eat more fruits. In fact, there are many treatment methods for fundus bleeding. In addition to drug treatment, diet can also be used to treat fundus bleeding, which also has a better effect on fundus bleeding.
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