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TVR new limited don't note series of glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
TVR new limited don't note series of glasses style, TVR ( 真正的古董复兴) Comes from the famous glasses brand in the United States, headquartered in New York. TVR with keen sense of smell of fashion trends from classic themes through the old craftsmen experience and technology in Japan, illuminate keep old picture frame, with the vision to reinterpret the modern popular retro glasses. 2013 TVR was up in retro frame fan, is more popular in the whole of the New York fashion, even if is also highly regarded in the Asian market! By LOHO glasses life fashion collocation below details for you. Today's glasses, are mostly process completed by machines. Only TVR consistently use handmade method of restoring ancient ways, in the mackerel jiang nearly 50 factories, find good craftsman, technology is the most experienced veterans, from cutting, grinding polishing to the assembly molding, all handmade. In addition to the production method, TVR find old plate frames using a factory, and used 50 - Master in the '60 s glasses measure 'Datum Expression Size'; Although has a centimeter with modern measure error, but the gap is the micro, makes the TVR more touch with temperature. This is the 'TRUE VINTAGE course of' the purpose of the brand - — To make classic frame tableland juice tableland taste again. Only innovation in detail place, can accomplish another classic. We believe that restore ancient ways is not only a concept, but also represents a person to history and fashion taste and attitude, TVR is creating a new classic, time is the best witness! The TVR ( 真正的古董复兴) Will launch a blockbuster, TVR 504 Asia limited 'ARNEL don't note series, adopts the traditional Japanese 4 mm on celluloid' ノ ー core 'of the system can make the mirror, with the sun platinum ( 太阳铂) 'Seven pieces of butterfly's' hinge design, more specifically with ARNEL metal shield rivet, this material with the showa lost two years of metallic material, assembled Japanese traditional craft and material quality. Interested friends can now in Reddot Optic.
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