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Two methods of identification of buying sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
1, see product identification and pay attention to whether glasses with uv resistant and impact resistant function. Because, not all sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet ray, if there is a 'ultraviolet prevention function of sunglasses,' in the product label or glasses should have a positive '100% ultraviolet prevention', 'UV400 labeled' logo. Recommended reading: sunglasses to choose sunglasses factory skills if it is, which has the function of 'shock' sunglasses on the label or instructions shall be 'the fight against performance', 'through the FDA certification' and 'conform to the highest standards in Europe and America, etc. At the same time, the identity or instruction to keep good, one thousand according to the problems. Especially children myopia fitting myopia sunglasses, it is recommended that the fitting has the shock resistance of myopia sun glasses, prevent nature lively children appear in sports unnecessary accidents. 2, observation lens quality when the sunglasses in the eyes, look through the lens in the distance, the glasses from top to bottom and move around, goals should not have swing, lens color stability. Look out through the lens, the distortion of the color of the surroundings, have the ability to identify different color lights. Sun lens color shades of uv resistance and no great help, choosing sunglasses in addition to the pursuit of beautiful, recognizing identity, more attention should be paid to the sunglasses protect, good sunglasses can effectively block the ultraviolet rays and glare, to reduce the amount of uv light and harmful ( UV) The glare of light and damage to the eyes. Polarized lenses, sunglasses with decreased membrane lens, can make better reduce glare and reflection, in fog and cloudy days increase contrast object, make the vision clear. 吗? 吗?
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