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Types and functions of colored lens sunglasses_Sunglasses Knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-13
Sunglasses that prevent glare from entering the eyes, in addition to the function of blocking the light, now they also take on the mission of fashion dressing. There are mirror lenses that can reflect light, as well as light-shielding lenses used in the medical field. There are really many types of sunglasses. What are the colors of the lenses of sunglasses? What are their functions? Do you know how the colors of the colorful lenses of sunglasses are produced? First, the colors of general sunglasses lenses are dyed. The color of general sunglasses lenses is dyed. Heat the solution of cyan (blue series), deep red (burgundy, purple series), and yellow series, the three colorants melted, and put the lens in the solution to soak the original transparent lens Dye a variety of different colors. Depending on the concentration, temperature, and soaking time of the dye, the color of the dyed lens is different. The methods of coloring the lenses include pasting a layer of color film or inserting color stickers in the lens, as well as using the characteristics of the material itself to color. Second, the color density of the sunglass immersion lens, that is, the shade is expressed as a percentage of the color density of the sunglass immersion lens, that is, the shade is expressed as a percentage of the value, respectively, 10%, 30%, 50%, 70% Wait for different levels. Under normal circumstances, we need to wear lenses with a color density of more than 50%. The higher the density, the higher the shading performance of the color. This 'concentration' is mainly based on the appearance that we use with our eyes as a standard. There is also a reference value for the 'visible light transmittance' of the lens. The higher the color density of the lens, the lower the visible light transmittance. On the streets of our country, there are still a few people who wear sunglasses. However, in countries with particularly strong ultraviolet rays, such as Australia, there is an obligation to wear sunglasses on the way to school 'in order to avoid damage to the eyes from ultraviolet rays or strong light.'
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