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Tyrannosaurus rex sunglasses all show fashionable elegant

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Tyrannosaurus rex sun glasses is the comparison of the domestic well-known brand of sunglasses, although the tyrannosaurus rex, the name seems to be very domineering, but all show fashionable elegant products. Tyrannosaurus rex glasses always stay in the innovation to become the style of elegant taste, with charming temperament and personality charm. Tyrannosaurus rex ( BOLON) Products are buzzing around adult sunglasses, optical lens and children's sunglasses three categories. Tyrannosaurus sunglasses through absorbing diversified design inspiration and careful tailoring, suitable for their own shape and style for the consumer to make the high quality of glasses. Ms tyrannosaurus sunglasses, combining contemporary art design and exquisite craft, make good visual collocation effect. Tyrannosaurus rex men sunglasses, adopting flexible, elastic material, simple lines, comfortable arc structure, make facial lines, create comfortable wearing feeling. Tyrannosaurus rex optical lens, pays attention to the fit of the process means the details size, balance and comfort. Each vice BOLON optical mirror, blend in different designs, meet the demand of consumers to wear in different occasions. Tyrannosaurus rex KIDS series, in order to 'the future of you' for the concept, the adult and children's parents are more fashion cool, BOLON KIDS nose, specially designed to enable new increased comfort and safety of the children's sunglasses. Tyrannosaurus glasses awareness is higher, therefore also appeared on the market 'piracy', what should we identify tyrannosaurus sunglasses of true and false? One, check the tags tyrannosaurus sunglasses bolon all products is inseparable with the tags, tags will have a lot of useful information about the sunglasses, including origin, function, prevent purple index, whether the polarization and so on, all can see through the tags, general counterfeit products tags are generally do not conform to the standards, at the same time also can't do so carefully. Second, the identification tag for each pay tyrannosaurus sunglasses mirror legs have anti-counterfeit labels, have anti-counterfeiting graphics on the label, from the graph above, in the face to see the film of the upper part of the Bolon, while the lower part only complex patterns, and without words; Correction as a side, the first half of the anti-counterfeiting graphics Bolon words color deepened into black, the lower part of the pattern in the hidden Bolon. If the anti-counterfeit label design without changes in the above are false tyrannosaurus sunglasses. Three, querying, anti-counterfeiting code if the first two steps are also can't determine whether buying their own tyrannosaurus sunglasses for the real thing, so there is one last ultimate validation method: each pay tyrannosaurus sunglasses has exclusive anti-fake number and the identification number, tear on its leg of the anti-counterfeiting labels after dial the service hotline 400 - 885 - 8586, according to the voice prompt, enter its leg on 12 anti-counterfeiting code can query the authenticity, any manufacturer can't do this step off.
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