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Tzukuri traceable series intelligent sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-29
Sunglasses, of course, especially a pair of very expensive. Tzukuri series sunglasses is to prevent similar tragedies, allows you to track the missing them. Through smart phones can be tracked increasing The number of everyday objects, like The Blunt + Tile intelligent umbrella, Tzukuri sunglasses has a built-in bluetooth module, low power consumption through The application of The smart phone to tell you how far they are from you - — In fact glasses is not lost, but in a certain place in the home, this is a good condition. The solar cell ingeniously to maintain the power of wireless communication module in glasses. In addition to tracking your glasses, in 2015, the company plans to release an API, developers can set different types of interaction with the user. For example, when you are near the sunglasses, it can be to the friends around a warning signal. Tzukuri provides six pure black or tortoise shell color of different styles, such as new sunglasses. In order to raise funds for production run next year, the company received $100 reserve ( Now closed) Plan. If the implementation, the retail price of Tzukuri are expected to be $350.
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