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'uncle zhang guoli or sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Track before stage of the hit drama 'love' don't know you see no, I'm officially circle powder. Alone in the national uncle was stubborn and sprout and make siao personality is enough. All kinds of intuitive full screen brush, small make up for the first time I still deep feeling a sprout from uncle mature feeling! But what do you think the national uncle only show MOE and siao? It would be wrong! In fact privately of tertiary but a real city boy! Throughout the national teacher of microblogging and big cover, it is not hard to find, in fact we's uncle is a very dark glasses control! Po zhang take casually, in addition to the cold black and white tonal and unruly expression, more cool condole fry day isn't the boom of the sunglasses? ! ( As uncle control of small make up would be staring at 3 minutes. 。 。 ) Sunglasses factory YC9712 C2 black/grey men sunglasses at this age of uncle, play handsome is no longer applicable, for more fashion reflected in the extraordinary taste and quality of excellence. And at this point of tertiary is a recognized benchmark is done! Such as daily casual autodyne, also & quot; All & quot; Full, is there a 'this killer is not too cold,' Leon visual feeling already? But I think small make up of tertiary definitely better! To attend the activity - — Still sunglasses from the eye, will be cool in the end! Taking snapshots - — Sunglasses literally a depend, could tide feels dye-in-the-wood! The orphanage - — Less what all not less sunglasses! Is cast sufficient between all of uncle accidentally send out a strong aura! Pictures - — Is every minute large visual sense, both can always will deduce the feeling their own fashion. See, here small make up I have to for the fashionable feeling point of uncle a praise! Actor, compared to the same ages of tertiary for deduction is a leading the fashion! Across the cool play handsome embarrassment, and never touch the edge of old inflexible. Cold high eldest brother style is absolutely will not affect the growing of fashionable feeling, walk in the cool, to sell the sprouting, playing up the humor, through to modern, the ever changing fashion of uncle, don't you be circle powder! Sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory 9803 c1 frame gold frog mirror lenses tea polarized sunglasses sunglasses sunglasses factory code in paragraph 8483 gun color motile male alloy square sunglasses polarized sunglasses
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