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Under the age of six, don't wear sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Sorching summer, sunshine is dazzling, high intensity of ultraviolet (uv) test for the baby's delicate skin. Especially their eyes, more afraid than skin bask in. So, many parents in the child's small nose on the sunglasses.
the ministry of health of doctor of vice director of ophthalmology of Beijing hospital Wang Zheng tells a reporter, the cornea and lens are clear than the adult of children, so more vulnerable to ultraviolet enroach on, if you don't pay attention to prevent bask in, children may damage the corneal epithelium, as well as the macula lutea cause burns, even give up in the future of cataract and other eye disease. So in addition to give children the skin bask in summer, the eye also to be protected. To tell a child can't look straight into the sun; 12 noon to 2 PM when ultraviolet (uv) to avoid outdoor activities; Stetson hat, umbrella when go out, or wear suitable sunglasses, but not all children are appropriate to wear sunglasses.
Gao Jiansheng, professor of ophthalmology of traditional Chinese medicine academy of sciences, says China children go out to wear sunglasses can protect one or two hours, but can't be too long. “ Because the child's visual function is not yet mature, need more bright light and clear object stimulation, wear for a long time will affect the normal development of visual, severe cases can lead to amblyopia. So try not to wear sunglasses to the child before the age of 6. ”
and, at present jumbly sunglasses market, quality is uneven. Many children's sunglasses with common organic glass or glass, no uv protection function. Eye otolaryngology hospital of fudan university professor rehak pointed out that if you choose the inferior sunglasses, instead more easy to damage the eyes. Because the person is in after wearing sunglasses pupil will expand, ultraviolet (uv) are more likely than don't wear sunglasses to harm the eyes.
rehak reminds, when buying sunglasses to the child, want to normal optician, choose with anti UV identification. As for the color of the lens, good choice of gray, smoked or dark brown, they cause color distortion is small, the color feeling much better, should avoid to choose candy color. Appropriate to the size of the lens and frame children face, don't be too heavy or too wide, otherwise easy to slide
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