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Update: Lin alpha male winning MCM sheet is tasted

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
Update to MCM Lin took Men 's Uno grace the cover of the June issue. From unknown by training students into the growing popularity of entertainment hot niche, Lin update critical red as if did not spend too much time. A heart-pounding step by step, sunshine boy ten grandpa four boomed in the fledgling update Lin, idle away one's five years, but now he is able to acquire the young actors, this year is the 'buddhist' zhang yimou, star in the new Hollywood blockbuster 'Great Wall'. Career of the popular in recent years, the need to update to shed the childlike, Lin became the entertainment circle is the alpha male. alpha( α) Is both of the Greek alphabet, in animal behavior, the alpha male is refers to the social animal occupy a high position in the leading male, extended to the human society, is one who has charisma, is easy to become a field dominated by men and occasions. Lin update sunglasses are in the business environment for MCM endorsement gold period, vigorous updates, Lin wear MCM leopard sunglasses, will he cinema four niche the charisma of a shot. Natural and unrestrained and do not break a little prick the matter of cynicism, but no butter unripe at weak air, strong robust, not is the alpha male of good templates. Red brown leopard frames, lined with Lin update knife-shaped eyebrows eyes, more show alpha male fashion philosophy, distinguished. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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