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Use opportunely sunglasses face shape

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
The hot sun hot summer finally in the past, no longer with the same dark glasses to protect his eyes from the strong sunlight. At this moment, a personality trend sunglasses to dress up oneself is important, so, do you know how to use sunglasses to modify the face? Below, follow glasses sunglasses factory small make up to learn it. Round face to the person's first feeling is lovely, but the lack of a sense of contour. The face of girl when choosing sunglasses, you need to choose that kind of box type is neat rectangle sunglasses for both to increase the sense of the outline of her face, while retaining the original that cute. Peach heart face girl looks obvious characteristic is the chin is pointed, so need to avoid when choosing sunglasses broad-brush picture frame, choose the higher fine lines of sunglasses to decorate with perfect face, appear more rocks a atmosphere. Oval of girl when choosing sunglasses for the design of sunglasses can not fee almost any state of mind, but for the color of the sunglasses or requires careful choice, the appropriate color points will also be able to give you face. Long face of the girl at the time of choosing sunglasses, must not choose slender legs sunglasses lens, but should choose legs wide lens, lens wide sunglasses, to cut short the length of the face, look more symmetrical. Square face of girls in choosing sunglasses are contrary to long bar face girl, need through sunglasses slender glasses legs appear face length increases, thus make their image more perfect. Due to the face of everybody is different, when choosing sunglasses box type, selection of design will also be different. In addition, the sunglasses color selection should be carefully when buy, choose proper, can not only perfect color collocation, more can effectively protect your eyes, get unexpected wearing effect.
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