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Use sunglasses tie-in short girl four style

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Small girls always have some troubles, no big long legs to wear clothes always didn't feel, always feel unfashionable clothes and what to wear. Actually want to wear a fashion is not only to the skills to match some clothes, but also good at using some accessories, such as sunglasses, bags, etc. Below small make up take you to see this several petite fashion street snap modelling, who says the little can't wear a fashion sense? To learn together. 1, the street toward what are the essential elements of street style? Fluctuations in jeans, locomotive black leather pants and classic it all grain shirt, black and white and red three classic color by the blogger wear colorful, like street style cool girls might as well give it a try. Of course, if you want to cool, let a person shine at the moment a pair of sunglasses indispensable personality. Little girls can choose like this fashion bloggers brief paragraph coat collocation high waist pants and skirts, the long jacket in pants, show thin legs are long, so take photos also appears more tall. 2, pure and fresh and fair maiden wind, pure and fresh and fair maiden wind little of course not all sorts of small and pure and fresh color, mint green, and a variety of the essential elements of rural printing is pure and fresh and fair maiden wind, shirt and dress also is right choice, the little girls wear skirts to have a little feeling, match a pair of high heels immediately increase elegant woman flavour, in addition, a fashionable sunglasses let you pure and fresh and do not break charm, a lady in personality. 3, elegant OL wind then it can give workers girls for reference, paragraph dust coat grows agile collocation black high heels and handsome wide along the hat, or a black and white print dress with a bright color of the bag, you can even choose a small printed pants with short white suit, combined with an elliptical big sunglasses let you composed in the work place and enchanting, free and easy and beautiful. In such a neat and easy to dress up for you girls in the workplace. 4, leisure vacation seaside holiday or go for an outing to participate in the festival, this time you can choose comfortable loose printed dress, flat Roman sandals, look at this kind of collocation, a pure and fresh white shirt, a yellow chiffon dress, is a seaside holiday feeling on the vision, a pair of sunglasses more perfect show the characteristics of the summer leisure fashion, and looks more energetic youth. Although today's fashion all the girls of XiGaoTiao surrounded, but the short girl with superior grade and mixing way, also can control the different styles of street snap one outfit. In addition, collocation can use the accessories, can have unexpected result, and let a person shine at the moment. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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