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Using polarized sunglasses at ordinary times need what to problem note

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
In winter, sunny weather is definitely out of the time. Taking advantage of a rare weekend, away from the city of anger, go mountain climbing, fishing, breathing the fresh air of nature, and refreshing. For most people, whether it's summer or winter, wear a pair of polarized sunglasses when outdoors activity is a wise choice. Things took fishing, fishing in the lake water easily stabbed eyes, if use polarized sunglasses can not only reduce the sensitivity, also can reflect light refraction, avoid the light damage to the eyes. Speaking of polarized sunglasses, believe that there are still a lot of friends don't know how to use correctly. Today, the sunglasses factory glasses when using polarized sunglasses for daily life. Some questions needed to pay attention to and you talk about First of all, the polarized sunglasses can not contact with water for a long time. Generally speaking, the polarization is too glasses lens of 7 layers to add more glue them into a polarizing film, contact with water for a long time can let a lens layer separation, the lens damage, lead to can't be worn. Second, do not put in the condition of higher than 60 degrees. Because the lens is resin lenses, more long time high temperature will make glass lens caused by melting, explosive film, glue layer falls off, etc. So, especially in the summer, don't covet convenient place your polarized sunglasses in the car. Good, don't use clothes to wipe the lens. Polarized lens general material for the PC, please use special glasses cloth to wipe the polish in order to ensure the service life of the lens
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