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Uv choose these three glasses for it!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
Choose sunglasses protect the eyes from uv damage, everybody knew. But you don't know is in addition to the regular sunglasses do you have any other choice, we look at the below details. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3532 men 001/68 gold one, the sun glasses sunglasses to protect his eyes from the uncomfortable glare, at the same time can protect your eyes from uv rays. This is due to metal powder filters, they can in light into an eye on the 'choice'. Of which can selectively absorb the sun's rays of a part of the band, that is to say, when certain wavelengths of light ( Here refers to uva, uvb rays, and sometimes infrared) Through the lens, the lens inside the eye direction, they will cancel each other out, thus plays the role of protecting our eyes. Second, the polarized glasses polarized lenses are provides another mechanism of protecting our eyes. Polarized light is made up of all in one direction vibration wave form, and the light of the general is by not directional vibration wave into the open. Generally speaking, the reflected light is the light of an orderly. Polarized lens was especially effective in blocking the light, because its filtrability at work. In fact, the filter layer long molecules are oriented horizontally, can absorb horizontally polarized light. In this way, most of the reflected light is eliminated, and the surrounding environment of degree did not reduce the whole lighting, is a kind of very good uv protection and the glare of the glasses. Article 1. 61 aspherical uv protection to grey myopia glasses, can change color glasses color glasses lens after the sun's rays to dim, when after lighting down, it again becomes bright. To be able to, because of the silver halide crystals at work. Under normal circumstances, it can keep the lens transparency. Under the irradiation of the sunlight, the crystals of the silver, silver in YouLiZhuang small aggregate is formed within the lens, lens will change color. Color glasses more convenient and comfortable, can be used as a myopic lens and sunglasses at the same time. Although the above three kinds of glasses for uv protection have good effect, but improper wearing sunglasses also easy to cause a lot of eye diseases. Some people all occasions, for example, regardless of sunlight intensity, even during the evening and in the evening, also wearing sunglasses when watching a movie, TV, it will inevitably increase burden of eye accommodation, cause eye muscle tension and fatigue, make the vision loss, blurred vision, serious when still can appear the symptom such as dizziness. In addition, if wear sunglasses is bigger, affect the definition, should be replaced in a timely manner.
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