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Valentino Valentino sunglasses which popular series

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Valentino Valentino sunglasses is a blend of European romantic, classical and Oriental classic, noble, with contemporary contracted embodies profound cultural background, dignified, elegant shape, especially its ultra-low weight and the advantages of very prominent elasticity is popular with the world, then Valentino Valentino sunglasses which series popular? 1, the neutral ROCKSTUD series square plate frame, and eyebrow frame form chic line feeling, never out of date. Framework two horns added a unique taste of metal rivet, tie-in unique Valentino sign of mirror legs, shows low-key and eye-catching design. 2, Venice limited series at the Venice film festival, Valentino to launch a sole glasses, deduce contemporary luxury and temptation. In a generation of great song ji Cinecitt? The magnificent temperament for design inspiration, the glasses style and candid style restoring ancient ways. Crystal decoration reminiscent of Valentino esprit jolie madame brand essence, bold colors created amazing tone and balance of visual effect, bring full of magnificent ponder new classical result. The enamel of mirror out of the seepage effect, knead once again, the memory and innovative elements. The glasses only limited release 300 version number, and provide only three colors to choose: white, green apple and peach pink. Each glasses the inside leg on the right side of the mirror with laser engraved number, is like a serigraph logo brand. 3, type of tile rock ROCKSTUD electro rock ROCKSTUD series ( V106S) On the pilot modelling is smooth and clean the lens, Mosaic with two tiny metal rivets injection its leg. Heavy build model with slant lens, become another feature of this kind of meaningful picture frame. 4, the phantom of the mysterious V LOGO series this mysterious V LOGO valentino sunglass phantom of the opera series ( V105S) After the sharp eyes hidden in the mystery: the huge enamel cant embedded in the metal square frame glasses, delicate silver wire along the lenses, create a shiny piece of brilliance. Symbol of the brand 'V' word mark etching on its leg. 5, sweet and romantic FIFTIES valentino sunglasses sweet romantic FIFTIES series ( V104S) Super-large curvaceous luxuriant style is reminiscent of the 50 s of snow and ice queen modelling, use a variety of colors and different materials. Enamel metal frames match line to act the role of the lens with gold frame, mirror legs both sides with Valentino brand symbol of immortality.
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