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Vanessa Hudgens made Bohemian round frame sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Bohemian is many fashionista keen in summer is dressed up, floor-length gown, tasseled, with exotic print, can let you enjoy languid is lazy and romantic amorous feelings of the holiday. Vanessa Hudgens use opportunely round box sunglasses created different Bohemian, don't have a taste. Learn how she play a Bohemian amorous feelings, the Bohemian wear into his bones. Demonstration match: loose white v-neck dress with denim hot pants and brown boots, arm in arm black tassel bag, in the fashion show Bohemia feeling of freedom, and added a bit round metal frame sunglasses retro feel. Demonstration match: white lace skirt with shoulder-straps knitting coat with a mango yellow, white bag up on the shoulders, colour is pure and fresh and bright, full of holiday leisure flavor, circular box sunglasses increased its aura and stylish. Demonstration match: a white printed skirt collocation thick black shoes, and wearing a black jacket in stark mixing effect, don't have a taste. Demonstration match: national wind printing jacket erected at random, tie-in hole denim hot pants and black boots, equipped with a black tassel bag, eye wear blue lens sunglasses is very natural and unrestrained. Demonstration match: a simple printing long white dress collocation of the color of camel's hair flat sandals, equipped with the classic black handbag, a pair of thick box is round sunglasses, cool and refreshing and pure dress, full of holiday languid is lazy. Demonstration: collocation of vents condole belt skirt is elegant and romantic, black and white printing is full of ethical, with different length of the metal necklace and circular frame sunglasses simple modification, simple fashion. Demonstration match: folk embroidery small condole belt unlined upper garment is tie-in a black dress, black tassel bag up on the shoulders, unique exotic flavor. Demonstration match: white hollow woven tops cowboy wide-legged trousers greatly elongated proportions, Bohemian and modern sense of the impact is very clever, the round frame sunglasses fashion atmosphere. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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