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Various face how to choose to wear sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
A lot of people know that the sun's uv rays can damage the skin, but to know excessive exposure Yu Ziguang line not harmful to the eyes, due to ultraviolet radiation damage is invisible to the eyes, not immediately can feel it, if don't wear glasses at ordinary times don't feel particularly uncomfortable, just shows your eyes to visible light, Like the harsh glare, glare and reflections) Not very sensitive, and can't avoid ultraviolet harm.

and uv rays has two prominent features: one is the uv damage will be accumulated. Due to the uv to visible light, people seldom intuitive feel. And uv damage to the eyes is irreversible, is irreparable. Because our eyes ( The lens) Very easy to absorb ultraviolet light, to protect the eyes must always wear sunglasses.

sunglasses not only need to protect his eyes, a lot of people also want to wearing it can be more beautiful in style. Sunglasses as an ornament can often leave deep impression to others.

may choose sunglasses and we choose a lot of things as the key is to choose suitable for their own. That what is suitable? Different face shape is more suitable for wear what kind of sunglasses look better? Here recommend:
( 1) A little face is suitable for light color or colorful sunglasses, can highlight the personality of little face.

( 2) Slender face is generally show bony, choose some feminine pink or red wine glasses or gradient model, can increase the brightness of the face.

( 3) Square face appropriate chooses width is narrower, frame corners sleek sunglasses, too big and too square frame will only make the face appear more square, lens color to sedate amber is preferred.

the article title: various face how to choose the wearing sunglasses
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