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Various sunglasses handsome as nursery rhymes

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Tongyao referred to as 'small' zhang ziyi, delicate facial feature, combined with slender figure, is absolutely beautiful guy! Coupled with the nursery rhymes will use collocation artifact - — Sunglasses concave shape, so various style collocation is driving, quite handsome have a type! Below we look together! 1, sunglasses costumes aura tongyao before wearing short after long coat, wide-legged pants collocation increases aura; A pair of silver laser sunglasses match the outfit that show a belly, handsome tall lean type, opened up a new fashion street. 2, sunglasses and earphone highlight handsome tongyao deduce a set of fresh summer street snap, the breeze ZhongTong yao long hair deep fragrance, collocation with the punk style of sunglasses and the headset more highlights her handsome one side. 3, sunglasses make elegant literary Fan Tong yao or cover with blanket with sunglasses on the yacht sea breeze blowing, hair flick, elegant art van, and classic cool frog mirror her little face foil more delicate and beautiful. 4, use opportunely sunglasses deduce intellectual charm tongyao alternately, feminine and sexy, elegant body appearance with cool sunglasses, gestures show unique temperament, deduce the intellectual charm of women. But wearing sunglasses I still have a little skill oh, generally should follow the following principles: good frames and face present complementary, facial lines, the round, picture frame should be Vietnam is, angular; On the other hand, your facial lines is founder, should choose soft lines, edges and fewer frames. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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