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Various sunglasses lens type pond master Hans zhang

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Hans zhang plays bullying in the 'shanshan to the President, the drag cool President Hans zhang boss van son,' big 'send li-ying zhao fish ponds, and a' I want to let all people know that the fish ponds, contracted by you. 'Lines won the title of' pond 'Lord, since then pond body and also popular network. The pond Lord for small make up feeling has always been proud leng jun, handsome charming but not close to feel, until the small make up all sorts of saw his handsome sunglasses according to after, to his image is greatly improved, pond under the main screen turned out to be a handsome lovely sunshine man oh ~ also recognize this is our fish pond President? Hans zhang in weibo drying out two ancient costume sunglasses picture, in the first photo with arbitrary President fan than 'black' and ', the second photo, Hans zhang wearing pink frame sunglasses, index finger on his lips, turns into a charming girl. Hans zhang, dressed in a black fleece and same color leisure trousers, match with white shoes and hats, along with the gender contracted with black and white, but highlights its tall stature and the big long legs straight, sunglasses covered face more show its cool handsome. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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