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Vintage Frames Company new joint limited series of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Vintage Frames Company signed a new limited series of sunglasses, Vintage Frames Company is from Montreal retro glasses brand, the brand was born in 2004, founder Corey Shapiro. Vintage Frames Company has a leading position in the global retro glasses industry, it is also known as a new frame of the world's largest supplier. Recommended reading: Vintage sunglasses let you looks great Vintage Frames Company provide 20 s to 50 s to 80 s original new Frames, Vintage Frames Company to build a series of a variety of elements design, carefully selected by the dedication of the fashion historians. Together with the artists and trendsetter, Vintage Frames Company start a trademark design, bring history sheet is tasted a timeless process elements. Recently, the Vintage Frames Company's Summer special project 'Summer Sixteen Series' the third wave of invited to music producer Metro Boomin. In Hilton Eyewear specialist staff, new work choose Orange Julep lens with 24 k gold frame ', '90 s style. The cooperation item not only do the requisite, more has double functions of shading and shadows to enhance visual effect. The Vintage Frames Company x Metro Boomin brought us together the new joint limited series of sunglasses is now in the brand sale online store, limited 50.
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