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Virgin sunglasses 61101

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Summer is approaching, SAN bao sunglasses have launched a new series of the summer, the new sunglasses before inherit some advantages at the same time more into the popular elements of this year, sure SAN bao new won't let you down, now let's check first!

product model: the st 61101 characters

products sunglasses for fashion, avant-garde and win a lot of young girl's heart, and now the sunglasses to enter the palace of a wild and rich female charm, with large glasses vigorously display its allure.

this kind of material
sheet is made of high quality materials refined but become, contracted and not simple;

with tie-in dress red colored can match some casual clothes, not detained arbitrarily, masking and not proud, randomly generated beauty, enjoy the spill off myself.

suitable for crowd business, fashion, the pursuit of personality
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