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Vision Loss After Laser Surgery_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-31
Although laser surgery can correct vision for more people, its risks are inevitable. Although today's full femtosecond laser myopia surgery is relatively mature, many myopia patients have recovered a good vision through laser surgery, but there are also people who have vision loss after laser surgery, and people who have the sequelae of laser treatment of myopia, what is it? What's going on? Let's find out together. Physiological myopia may occur after laser surgery, which has a great relationship with the usual inattentive use of the eyes, just as many people do not pay attention to the use of their eyes in the acquired environment, resulting in myopia. If you use your eyes for a long time without paying attention to protecting your eyes, it is inevitable to have myopia. Decreased strength and restorative regression of corneal cells after laser surgery. Because this part of the corneal tissue used for treatment has almost no ability to proliferate, that is, the cornea that has been flattened will not become convex again, so generally the strength will not change after myopia surgery, but if the patient's myopia is unstable, individual patients may There will be a 'fallback' phenomenon. Therefore, the strength will decrease. Both under-correction and over-correction can affect vision. Improper protection of one's own diet and eyes after surgery, such as eating some spicy and stimulating foods, drinking alcohol, etc., and some bad living habits will affect vision health. There is the possibility of chronic eye inflammation. After myopia surgery, after various tests, there is nothing wrong with some patients, but these patients have chronic eye inflammation problems, which will also cause vision loss. Decreased vision after laser surgery is inseparable from strict screening of patients and careful examination. Some patients do not meet the conditions for surgery and are also listed as the scope for surgery by some improper hospitals. Therefore, the decrease in vision after surgery is also related to this. have a close relationship. Therefore, myopia surgery must be treated with caution.
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