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Wang era of frame glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Do things in the pretenders MingCheng is rigorous, is loyal, because a lot of their arrival chasing after the drama fans fell in love with wang; In the 'list of reed {langya}' jing ying-yong wang straight, simple and honest lovely and capture the many admirers; 'He is coming, please close your eyes,' li smoked ran inside collect handsome, smart persistence also let the people with. Such a temperament of men produce fans, I believe that should be infatuated with his NaYingYong temperament or handsome modelling, or be loyal is darling, you are sure it is hard to imagine such a temperament of there being such a mature man abdomen black history! The frame glasses all day, holding the dog's artistic director, the talented but very noisy Chen Jiaming, the orchid graceful sissy! You can recognize him after so many years! Pure white glasses covered surface, and draw the eye all appearing in that handsome handsome face. Delicate and stylish, handsome sunshine! A pair of bright red frame glasses foil Chen Jiaming artistic breath and empress role of good image! Red festival and think it is very much in the role of his black box green frame legs can foil the handsome wang very literature and art is very intellectual! All the green frame allows you to see it know largely in literature and art, and the green frame also give a person a kind of imagination at the, give a person a kind of inspiration and dye-in-the-wood feeling! Black box also can let you the one! Frames of different style, different colors of frames can shape the different feeling of you! Although glass frame can help you shape the different image, but also is to have the method. Don't know if you have found that Chen Jiaming glass frame, no matter what color and dress collocation are small skill oh, color don't be too mix to recommend a glass frame: crocodile L2726A man glass frame 001 black green new balance NB06149 unisex eyeglass frame map of 135 sunglasses factory F210Y1 red box white legs ultralight TR90 fashionable men and women with full frame glasses
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