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Wang Feili yan deeply teach you how to choose the right sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
On November 21, faye wong with daughter, li yan, the tenth anniversary of smile angel foundation, including faye wong in black coats, wearing a top hat, wear a pair of eyes round black box, the leisure is very natural and unrestrained; Daughter, li yan, and wang fei dressed up very similar, is also wearing a line caps, sunglasses, and wearing a down jacket sleeve outside the 10th anniversary event LOGO printed with smile angel foundation of short sleeve T-shirt, looks very handsome. Who says sunglasses to summer appearances, you see diva faye wong and her daughter, li yan, aura will know, sunglasses how important it is to the promotion of image! Sunglasses are not casual wear, however, the choice of different face shapes have different skills, specific as follows: 1, the Round frame sunglasses Round frame ray-ban RB4242 6201/13 brown glass frame is suitable for both men and women face: hand face art restores ancient ways Round frame sunglasses style is really extraordinary, but pick people, more suitable for girls who 'slapped her face'. 2, Square sunglasses Square Frame sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C1 bright black/lenses grey suit a face: round face, long lens angular design coupled with a large area of the box cover, basically can block off a third of the face, 'thin face' effect is obvious. It is important to note that although the box 'thin face', but also is not a 'box', the greater the face more younger. When on both sides of glass frame is clearly beyond the face contour, mirror bring us the beauty of the box instead become a burden, is there? 3, Cat's eye Cat - 眼睛& Butterfly Butterfly gucci GG3674 / S outside in the dark yellow 4 WHJJ sunglasses for both men and women face: frame, a round face, square face MaoYanJing very suitable for stereo frame and senses of girl, if you are oval or long, it's also no acosmia feeling. But chubby round face you would do well to avoid MaoYanJing, rising edge horn design will be more prominent chubby face. 4, Aviator sunglasses, Aviator sunglasses factory 9803 c3 frame black lens grey frog mirror polarized sunglasses fit face: oval, frame, the design of the round face Aviator sunglasses can absorb ultraviolet ray, can protect the eyes, the handsome appearance also can add a great handsome for the wearer. 5, D frame sunglasses D - Frame sunglasses factory YC3030 sunglasses C2 black ash/lens ash is suitable for both men and women face, long face, square face this kind of sunglasses in the shape of a prominent eyebrows, diffusion between eyebrow bone and zygomatic facial contour, very suitable for the girl face or a square face. In recent years of Browline eyebrow wire frame sunglasses is also one of the D frame sunglasses. On the edge of the sunglasses is box, bottom edge, frameless prominent eyebrows, so named Browline eyebrow wire frame sunglasses.
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