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Wang Ou neutral large mirror type restoring ancient ways is handsome sexy pictorial

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Recently, Wang Ou exposure of a set of neutral retro photo, photo, Wang Ou a grey suit, stars design add more for its bright color, spell able, but do not break again pure and fresh and cute. Large round frame sunglasses to cover the white face, more show frankness. From the ancient castle on the stone steps of leisurely, long legs 'national husband' aura, is glorious. Recommend a retro sunglasses: ray-ban RB4222 grey/gray piece ray-ban sunglasses 6226/8 g RB3447 silver strip ray-ban sunglasses 019/30 silver/shallow RB2180 - F sunglasses 6230/94 / grey/gray piece
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