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Wang Shiling Kimi in advertising play close look yuelun wang accompanied him

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
'Daddy where to hold the red five star family, of the Eva nature also become the bestselling advertisers' eyes. Yesterday, li xiang and yuelun wang were put out on his personal microblog queen love ShiLing and look son Kimi in advertising tidbits photo. Photos of Kimi and Wang Shiling close together to play, head to head very love holding hands. Netizens poking fun at 'black rice brother and tian tian sister together! '. 'Where dad' programs to work busy fathers more with their children. Especially when dads to prepare a letter for her children has moved many people. The Wang Shiling and kimi in advertising, yuelun wang and look is accompanied, considerate care, all show a father. A little old man god still sunshine, handsome, with black rice brother 'cool'! ! ! Wang Dao still wearing black glasses, strong affinity, together with daughter, Angela, Wang Dao all smile from ear to ear!
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