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Washing glasses, how do you wash your glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-03
Modern people do not pay attention to protecting their eyes and overuse their eyes, which leads to more and more people with myopia, which also increases the number of people wearing glasses. However, do you clean the glasses? Do you know how to clean them correctly? You can also recall how long you have to clean them. It is also possible that you have never cleaned them, but only when the glasses are blurred. Simple wiping, and not necessarily using glasses cloth, but some cloth or even paper towels. Now, let's take a look at a few problems with glasses cleaning. First, improper cleaning methods will cause scratches on the lens and shorten the life of the lens, making it easier to absorb external dust and grease. Because the longer people wear glasses, the dust and grease on the glasses will gradually increase. Second, if you are washing by hand, please use tap water to directly rinse the lens to wash away the dust attached to it. Do not directly touch the lens with your hands to rub it. Then, wash your hands and squeeze some detergent or Put hand sanitizer on your fingers. While keeping the lens with water, gently apply the detergent to the lens for cleaning. Note that the concentration of the detergent should not be too high. Afterwards, rinse again with tap water until the detergent is completely washed away. Then, let the glasses dry naturally or use a soft paper towel to absorb the water. Do not wipe with a cloth, especially the resin lens is easy to wipe. Third, if you have a professional glasses washing machine, please give it this job. It should be noted that the general washing glasses do not require a heating type washing machine. These glasses cleaning problems hope that friends who wear glasses can clean them correctly according to the requirements, so that not only can they have a pair of clear glasses, but also the life of the glasses can be maintained longer, which plays a role in protecting the glasses.
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