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Watching a Korean dramas in addition to more than one husband, to store up a pair of glasses!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Watching a Korean dramas in addition to more than one husband, to store up a pair of glasses! Speak really, the descendants of the sun hit this year, small make up can't open the circle of friends, because people all over the world share a husband. Near the end of 2016, naive thought han drama is 'blue ocean' quan zhixian sister a big move, I didn't think they have been suppressed a larger recruit - — 'Loneliness and brilliant: god ghost'. Small make up want to say: you can change the husband again! Another song joong ki with estimated to pause a ray-ban sunglasses in the fashion stage, the husband changed, estimates that also want to change the MM glasses. First of all, the legend of 'blue ocean', the recent office girls all poisoned, think the furthest distance in the world is this Wednesday and next Wednesday ( Shuimu play every week only two sets, babies in the mind bitter) 。 It doesn't matter, today I sent you long legs of all kinds of the beauty of the cracked screen according to Obama, to soothe the injustice of mood! My everything in the legend of 'blue ocean' in one act the role of the two Angle, is not only a flower heart of the genius liar, or a mermaid past life preserver magistrate: gold Dan age. Words should be the most handsome here, isn't it? Genius liar 'uniform temptation', this 'frigidity' metallic glasses collocation is perfect, commander of the high cold modelling attract numerous girls scream. The modelling of the glasses are now popular brands, Gentle Monster, Dior, etc all have similar styles. And become the noodles first businessman, a transparent box glasses really lovely temperament deduce acme, such stupid 'appearance is not the first time to see? My everything because role in the play there are so many different shapes, South Korea's production company, said: 'master Xu Junzai is an ever-changing transformation, can deduce any of the characters from a professional image. His every appearances will bring brand-new image, change is boundless charm. 'A pair of glasses, a state, the husband is the' thing ', as to what is next, everybody slowly looking forward to! And now a husband god show - — 'Ghosts' of douban score has up to 9. 3, the situation is excellent! This is a theme of Oriental legend tells the need to find the human the bride to the end of immortal life hell messenger and ghosts and lost memories, who describes himself as 'ghost bride' a 'should be' dead girl happened between fantasy romance story! Ghosts of men is big this year heat 'busan' male master Japan, while in busan line has captured a fan of the younger sister to follow. If his light on the body, probably has a lot of liao younger sister can see a one hundred episode! Japan played in the 'ghost' men in ancient times, is a work gao zhen4 general of the Lord. However, because of the counsel of kleptocratic courtiers and bad emperor, not only his relatives, his die off, he was also BaoShi wilderness. But general too by the people respect and love, god decided to let his resurrection, become ghosts. As a bonus, but at the same time as a punishment, punishment he once killings committed the crime. A pair of glasses and his story of what happens again? On November 24, Korea tvN TV play 'lonely and brilliant - god Went public on his ghost 'brand gentleman male co-stars, lattice, the reserved tie-in suit this retro glasses, full-bodied amorous feelings of arises spontaneously. This combined with a sheet of metal glasses from Ray - Ban, the pilot modelling of classic, perfect reduction modern Portland deconstruction classic bold new attitude! Ray-ban RB3016 unisex sunglass W0366 in Japan, the President of the high cold fan in this BOTTEGA VENETA coat more swagger under the blessing! And the fire in South Korea, in China not only became a glasses brand has become the standard of 'husband', Gentle Monster low-key, plus Givenchy this windbreaker, seduction is a cry! Anyway, the show from the level of appearance to the plot to scene even didn't have to pick, especially we have always been played two 'husband' love glasses is proper, the collocation of glasses knowledge is to be reckoned with. Texture and tone of the film, it really tells us what is called a well-made, all cast in the heart. Korean dramas like the glasses to shape the character image, if you also want to change the image, quickly prepare a pair of glasses!
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