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'Water strange uncle' Chen kun age artifacts reduction - — glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
Chen kun in fashion accessories - — Glasses in the exclusive style of aristocratic elite, mature attitude of dressing but also shows the 'Aquarius strange uncle' irreplaceable charm! And reduce glasses or a very good age artifacts. From plant flowers to hu bayi, different image to show a different beauty. The Aquarius male paper is beautiful all the way down? Just after the New Year, and old one year old brother he seemed a bit more young fashion. Cultivate one's morality profile suit the continuation of the aristocratic elite consciousness, combined with elite demeanor of a gentleman with glasses, comfortable and elegant and perfect balance. Black-rimmed glasses collocation makes the clearance between the natural and leisurely and comfortable feeling from city of subtle shift, chestnut curls random nature, looking like a leisure yuppie yancey childe image! In addition to the frame glasses, sunglasses is also the good helper of collocation, Chen kun with his handsome face and angular fashionable dress is young girl idol lover. Chen, wearing a pair of black glasses, wearing the classic black and white collocation, let's review the full of the new wind elegant Mr. Black and white collocation is more pay attention to the proportion of black and white and the accused, black suit with a large area of black layout, amid adorns a clean white matching, simplify the color matching. Dark glasses have very good decoration face effect, surreal contracted feels dye-in-the-wood black sunglasses give you different sensory experience, selection of key points to remember not to get too wide face horizontal distance, the appropriate width will increase to look cool feeling, make you look both type and reduction of age! Reduction of age sunglasses recommendation: Nike 7230 men glass frame 015 black green sunglasses factory YC9711 men sunglasses C2 coffee/grey
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