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by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
In order to make the image clear, dioptre myopia glasses lens there is a must. But usually, sunglasses are flat, not formation damage to eyes. Myopia sunglasses is combine the two, there will be a degree of lens through special process for dyeing. Choose sunglasses, therefore, the first thing to consider is the lens, the better is the resin lenses. Followed by color, too light filter function, affect vision is too deep. Advice to choose gray, dark brown lens, try to look have vertigo, high degree of dialysis is not high. If you belong to low myopia, wearing sunglasses usually does not affect vision, be able to select the yellow lenses, yellow lenses can progress the sensitivity of the visual cells. If you don't know what color suits, can try to look in the mirror after wearing sunglasses, if can see their pupil lenses, relatively standard some color. Colored glasses are not suitable for indoors, a long time will aggravate the damage to the vision and eye health and must have a general myopia glasses again. In addition, the myopia sunglasses must to professional hospital or organization for the optometry glasses, absolutely not buy one. Often drive people demand a higher quality of the lens, it's feeling to light and clear, if appear have a headache, dizziness, dazzling, dry eyes or not long wait for a symptom, should immediately stop wearing. Also can use sunglass clip, the clip on the outside of the myopic lens, simple and cost is not high. But if beyond the height of the 600 degrees myopia, the original is not a very ambitious vision correction, if deserve to go up again a pair of coloured glasses, eyes seemed to put a layer of dark fog yarn to see more demanding. Similarly, myopic astigmatism and vision correction at less than 1. 0, unfavorable also wear.
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