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Wear glasses handsome Song Min hao fry day!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
A lot of friends are very afraid of myopia, for suffering from myopia will wear glasses, and most of the people, by contrast is don't wear glasses look better. If can control the different types of glass frame, the man must have very high level of appearance. Yes, there is such a person, he is Song Min gallant. Small make up like a combination of Winner back a while ago, known as 'model group' level of their appearance shape are excellent. They stand on the stage, the whole painting style is serious gentleman singing in fondly. But one to the next stage, painting style changed immediately, naughty and jokes. Song Min hao is affection of glasses, different styles of glasses on his face, suddenly shining ~ fine frame glasses comb a hair style restoring ancient ways, wear a piece of literature and art, deserve to go up phnom penh fine glasses is perfect! You look full of scholar temperament, but there is no lack of again. Round glasses round glasses can be said to be the play of edge tool, because round glasses looks round is very cute, round glasses with petty pleasures bang, all of a sudden a lot younger. Big glasses glasses can be said to be the practical a glass frame, usually don't have time to dress up oneself, put on a pair of big glasses, in the spirit of all. And big glasses can let a person feel your face is very small oh, compare the figure above, are you found? Song Ou with glasses, you want to a pair? I like to hear your cries, so small make up recommend a few! Bamboo wood wild sichuan SLE10058 man glass frame gun BanJiu C5 ray-ban RB7068D unisex eyeglass frame 5196 grind arenaceous black
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