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Wear makeup which should pay attention to detail?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
After drawing the makeup on frames, the effect is no longer obvious, this be troubling many love makeup myopic female friend a big problem. Today, sunglass factory glasses for the general principle of myopic makeup eyebrow in the United States come to the conclusion that the following glasses, let you easier in operation in the future. 1, if more messy brows, then you should reoccupy after after dyed eyebrow pencil eyebrow eyebrows finalize the design liquid to finalize the design. Transparent eyebrows to finalize the design liquid texture like eyelash creams, can tame behaved eyebrows, make you keep handsome neat appearance. If you don't have to threading, finalize the design liquid can be directly coated with a layer of transparent. 2, if the black rim of the eye is apparent, you can ignore the steps draw look line, in case of the visual effect of prominent black rim of the eye. Even if they don't draw look line, use mascara brush next eyelash can also enlarge the eyes. Glasses itself has a frame effect, so the eyeliner need some relatively soft. Draw look line, use a soft effect eyeliner powder, avoid the hard line of the modelling feels strong line glue. After the draw, cotton stick gently dizzy catch downplay the line again. 3, never before mascara curl eyelash, otherwise it may damage the eyelash. Stick roll become warped eyelash device in the eyelash root, press, pull up 10 seconds, only once is enough, then put on mascara. If you put on mascara and then curl eyelash, it will be easier to brittle and eyelash falls. 4, arc type glass lenses can highlight the black rim of the eye and dark yellow skin, increase with age. Therefore, proper color correction block defect is very necessary. With the makeup brush color correction fluid ( Or foundation) Dizzy with finger brush canthus area, then, to make it into the skin. Before concealer on fade out black rim of the eye, with paper towel to wipe clean brushes. 5, if the eye is red, don't be pink or purple color eye shadow. These color can aggravate the eyes red and swollen. More full, in order to make the eyes from light color for eye shadow superposition of dark gradually, use a light backing, with moderate tone of the eyelid on the top of the eyes, then sweep the eyes using a darker color.
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