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Wear sunglasses inferior easy cause cataracts

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Will soon enter the hot summer, in order to avoid the hot sun light and ultraviolet burn the eyes, a lot of people always do not forget to wear sunglasses when going out. However, small make up yesterday from the Shanghai charity hospital eye center learned that cataracts has become a big threat to the human eye health problems, including the main reason in addition to strong sunlight and the patient's own age and the immune system, also with the people do not pay attention to use eye sanitation, disorderly, wear sunglasses not qualified.
bad focusing lens injury eyes
in the hospital, see is undergoing surgical treatment of small make up li master, he told a reporter, a few days ago he found depending on the eyes of some fuzzy, then come to the hospital, the doctor told he is mildly cataract, if not treated will cause blindness. According to master li recalled, two weeks ago, it took him 16 yuan bought a sunglasses on the street, often use. Until a few days ago his eyes suddenly feel tingling, itching, so to go to a doctor and after thorough examination, the doctor told him that may be long-term stimulation caused by light. After he take to detect the sunglasses, experts told him to buy sunglasses for the false and inferior product, don't protect the eyes, instead of sunglasses will be concentrated, big to the harm of eyes, that he take a tumble.

put inferior sunglasses accessible cataract according to Shanghai charity hospital, director of ophthalmology. Introduction, if with no uv protection function of sunglasses, more dangerous than not wearing sunglasses. Because, the human body have self-protection instincts, eyes in case of strong light, the pupil will naturally become smaller, cut into the eyes of uv energy, once put on unqualified color dark sunglasses, can make the pupil dilation, plus glasses not isolate uv role, then the eye is equal to the portal is big, the invasion of uv energy is greatly increased, damage to the eyes. In her handling of the ophthalmic patients, because wear sunglasses improper or inferior and cause related diseases such as cataract patients accounted for 40% ~ 50%.
trust sunglasses to see the UV mark
in view of the true and false sunglasses in the market now throw out difficult points, the Shanghai city health supervision staff warns a citizen, should pay attention to when buying, qualified sunglasses generally indicate the UV label, put the glasses to the sunlight through the lens, lens surface exceptionally clear, no spot defect; Fake sunglasses in general there is no sign of UV, the material is plastic, California ( Glasses production material) Or glasses factory scrap, through the lens will find lens surface ground decorative pattern, appear muddiness. In addition, the lens can't have optical lens for the & # 8220; Degree & # 8221; 。 If the diopter of more than 15% commonly, wear will feel dizzy.
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