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Wearing a pair of big

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
In the Hollywood fashion person nicole legendary fashion, revealed a little secret: 'in a second things improve your fashion degree - — That is, of course, sunglasses. Don't go to pick? Although we choose the purpose of sunglasses is to protect the eyes, but this is definitely not hinder us to use it to concave shape at the same time, as a wave, how can you bear your sunglasses styles again, old soil? Endless glasses were revived with the invention of the glasses has a history of more than 114 years ago, however, this season, it still is one of the biggest trends. Endless glasses are no longer before grandma's patent, deserve to go up from colorless to pink lens, or in gold and custom log earrings inlaid with precious stones and love said leather ornaments, a custom pair of Cartier endless sunglasses cost more than $6000. Lens color more bright-coloured although the natural color and white is popular, but the color is still the important theme of the summer sunglasses, not only in the borders reflected, also get instructions on the lens. If you choose all sorts of color was a little indecisive, so choose sunglasses that can change color is definitely a right choice. Flight sunglasses again fashionable sunglasses Ray - in the 1930 s was the first flight Ban for the pilot, and later due to the Hollywood movie 'TOPGUN' TOM CRUISE plays handsome pilot image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and all the rage, today still is one of the classic style sunglasses. As the classical and good Gucci products, Gucci classic pilot series sunglasses has always been a favourite celebrity stars attention and. Ronaldo, each must be shiny stylish men. His 'flavor' of the most commonly used weapons, is Gucci aviator sunglasses. So, do you know his face for what kind of sunglasses? Round face round face is not appropriate to wear round glasses, round will make more bloated face. Sunglasses should also try to show the shape of square, try to choose framework thick glasses, if choose frame line fine soft sunglasses, foil will face more big. Lens also should choose brunet, has a 'tightening' face visual effect. Square face among Asian square face, the face often give a person the sense of atmospheric poise, so might as well choose a low profile concise sunglasses to highlight the advantage. Square face round sunglasses to wear four corners into downy curve, rim to coarse, can behave hao lang lines, narrow edge and delicate sunglasses, when combined with a square face, can appear very small and disproportionate. The pilot model of slender frame sunglasses is a good choice, don't account for the proportion of the whole face. Mirror the width is too narrow sunglasses will face wider on the vision, on the other hand, become warped on mirror on both ends of the beam pattern is not suitable for square face. Too big or too thick line of sunglasses can make facial outline appears more spacious, and small in comparison to the more pointed jaw line, so should avoid wearing up the cock picture frame on both sides, because it will emphasize the pointed chin. Heart-shaped face appropriate to wear light and polygon sunglasses, frame width is not more than the temples, and face contour match line to each other. Lens should choose shallow color, in order to abate the face at the top of the weight. Triangle face just as its name implies is the narrow forehead but gills help a wide face again. This face chin will be heavy, so the balance is the first priority of facial ministry line. Choose the mirror on both ends of the beam on become warped nifty style is suitable for the triangle face. How to choose suits own fashion sunglasses? Feel it's best not to purchase sunglasses with 'love at first sight'. Frame of the beautiful is important, but the lens visual comfort and frame wearing comfort is more important. If you do not have your cake and eat it, fish and also take the bear's paw. Drop this small brand is often neglected. Lens to identify the lens quality is one of the most simple way, is to take glasses in rocking back and forth in front of him, to see if the object and the lens to move together. If it is, that the lens is not flat, concave and convex, belongs to the unqualified lenses. This is for flat light, of course, if is myopia sunglasses that are not quite sure. Colour besides leisure, entertainment, if is really for uv protection, it is better to buy ray-ban grey, ray-ban green, blue gray real shade the lens of sunglasses, because these relatively subdued color, looking at nature does not change color, is especially suitable for for motorists, because will not affect their distinguish of traffic lights and traffic signal. The UV index for sunglasses, UV ultraviolet index is the filtering effect, it is important to a standard, at present, most of the sunglasses UV index between 96% and 98%, dark lenses must be better than the light color lenses. Typically 100% of the UV index is unlikely, if there are any manufacturers claim to own the sun glasses with one hundred percent UV filtering effect, that his cow can have bit of inflating.
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