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Wearing dark glasses sammi cheng do you recognize

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Heat transfer on the net a sammi cheng black-rimmed glasses, she wearing a hat and glasses in the photo, wore loose white shirt is very happy. But wear glasses sammi cheng and Ronald cheng silly points not clear, many netizens have said their mistakes became Ronald cheng. All know black-rimmed glasses have the effect of the modified face, thought that can use well 'transformed' ~ in fact both frames and sunglasses and hats are perfect match! ! But it is important to note that both from the aspects such as size, shape and color collocation is harmonious. If you wear a super wide brim hat big straw hat, then choose the small picture frame, obviously not very well. Sammi cheng with cap collocation black round glasses lovely feeling, deserve to go up again big white shirt chao fan! Black-rimmed glasses recommendation: sagawa fujii 62010 c6 tide model of sheet metal box big yards unisex black glasses myopia framework bamboo wood wild sichuan Z1608 unisex eyeglass frame C01 black light gold
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