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Wearing dark glasses ski was susceptible to snow blindness

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Doctors suggest citizens: sunglasses does not equal protection lens, can let an eye snow blindness is the light in the ultraviolet, the function of the ordinary sunglasses have filter ultraviolet. Skiing five hours eyes hurt 'much better, but the ophthalmic again in two weeks, this period of time to let your eyes rest adequately. 'Yesterday at about 11:00, ophthalmic clinic in shenyang fourth people's hospital, the doctor advised because of snow blindness to visit three patients. Fang is a company's assistant general manager in shenyang, she took three employees to visit, to hear better, she's only a break. Ms fang said: 'on January 31, the company organization activities, the staff together to bai qing ski resort village, a total of 14 people, afraid of problems, for employees to make the request, before must bring their own ski wear glasses! ', says ms director also frightened, hurriedly to the drivers to the hospital, and emergency hospital in the afternoon, three people have been diagnosed with snow blindness. Sunglasses can not replace the function of glasses, 23, wang is heavy in 3 people, 'I don't have any ski mirror, sunglasses can to hear a net friend said. 'Shenyang fourth people's hospital ophthalmologist dong-ning liu said that snow blindness is also called snow optical eye inflammation or as sexual eye inflammation, is refers to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun on the white snow, and reflection to the person's eye cornea and retina, uv light energy into heat energy, burns corneal epithelium and macular area, belongs to the uv light source sex eye acute injuries. 'Dark glasses is not the same as protective goggles! 'Dong-ning liu, said a lot of people know the function of the sunglasses and goggles have a mistake. Of sun ultraviolet ray is the leading remaining cause snow blindness 'snow albedo is extremely high, can reach almost 95%, look at the snow as direct sunlight, eyes glance if a long time to accept this kind of stimulation, 3 hours to eight hours after the may snow blindness, but that means without wearing glasses. Dong-ning liu said, 'put on ordinary sunglasses do after standing dazzling light, but it does not hurt the eyes blocking culprit - ultraviolet light. 'Ordinary sunglasses does not filter ultraviolet ray of light, so choose your glasses should choose to have the function of uv protection function of glasses. 'Dong-ning liu said. 'Snow in outdoor activities, want to put on the function of uv protection glasses, blink rate increase, more dark objects, shorten the time of the eyes were stimulated. 'Dong-ning liu suggest citizens, if after outdoor activities after the eye itching, tingling, afraid of light, short, bloodshot eyes, edema tears blurred vision and wait for a symptom, don't rub your eyes, should go to a doctor as soon as possible. Yesterday, the reporter understands from the shen city common several hospitals, every winter snow blindness patients to an eye doctor, including drivers, sanitation workers for more than seventy percent. News link 'snow blindness' how to first aid once snow blindness symptoms, should move quickly to light dark places close to rest, don't rub your eyes; Also covered her eyes with a wet towel with patch cold, don't force your eyes, and see the doctor as soon as possible. General symptoms of snow blindness can be restored within 24 hours to 3 days. No matter what color to choose, how to choose glasses notice first uv logo, uv protection is the prime function of sunglasses, some sunglasses lens or on the package '100% uv protection', 'UV400', the 'uv' etc. If wear not the inferior sunglasses block uv sunglasses rather easy to make the pupil grow larger, uv invasion more than when not wearing sunglasses, eye can lead to more serious eye damage. Regular store had usually have sunglasses uv protection ability of the measurement instrument. How to take preventive measures and reasonable prevention will avoid discomfort snow blindness. Prevention method can wear uv protection sunglasses, bell type or frog mirror completely gray glasses. Often people with the disease also should supplement the right amount of vitamin A, B, C and E, etc. , also can eat more liver, carrot, tomato, onion, lotus plumule, black fungus, and so on. Ever had snow blindness, do not pay attention to will once again have to snow blindness. Snow blindness symptoms again will be more serious. Many snow blindness gradually weak eyesight, cause long-term eye diseases, serious when even blindness forever.
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