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Wearing dark glasses to travel

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Small make up usually very like to travel, because go out for a walk and see the outside world is a wonderful thing; Use camera to record beautiful scenery, to give his life leave a mark, this is a how meaningful thing! We can say lightly come away, but how can you lack of a pair of sunglasses for the trip? Sunglasses how to choose good? The first is to follow your face. Round face suit to four broad frames, not too exaggerated the cat's eye, butterfly type frame is very appropriate also. To avoid circular, lightsome or naive. Slightly wider than face frame picture frame size is more appropriate, with long long necklace, earrings can be a very good spin face; Oval face is relatively perfect, generally not too long and thin style bring up would look good. Suitable to wear, however, is relatively wide box type of sunglasses, make facial look wide, shorten the length of the face feeling; Long face is suitable for the oval or rectangular frame, can makes face softly on the vision. Exaggerated its leg design also is very good, to attract some attention to balance the focus of the entire face. Short beads, round collar clothing and the right type of sunglasses, can make a long narrow face looks more round, add beauty; Square face give a person the sense of hale and hearty, thus to avoid to choose too founder of frames, but slightly rounded square can make the outline appears relatively smooth. Wide rim to coarse, can behave Howe long lines, narrow edge and delicate sunglasses, cooperate with the face, will be especially small and disproportionate; Is too big or too thick line of sunglasses will make the heart-shaped face facial contour appears more spacious, and small in comparison to the more pointed jaw line, therefore, should avoid wearing both sides up the cock picture frame, because it will only emphasize the pointed chin. Drooping heart-shaped face should wear light texture and polygon shape, color, light and the sun glasses, and face contour match line to each other. Sunglasses factory YC9711 men sunglasses C1 black/dazzle colour red chosen the right suitable sunglasses styles, also can't forget to consider the quality problem of the sunglasses, glasses how to distinguish good or bad? Lens: identify quality lenses, there is a simple method, is to take glasses to the lights, see the lens surface whether there is a bubble, defects, etc. Price: the lens of sunglasses should not be too cheap price, good quality sunglasses in the store is in commonly 200 yuan of above, the poor quality of sunglasses are often not comfortable when wearing, color distortion, the lens is easy to wear. Try, try wearing sunglasses under the natural light. Good is to choose a strong light in the day, go to the outside of the store had to wear sunglasses, can't see the ground have uneven feeling, objects cannot be out of shape. The UV index: for sunglasses, UV ultraviolet index is the filter effect, it is important to a standard. At present, most of the sunglasses UV index between 96% and 98%, dark lenses must be better than the light color lenses.
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