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Wearing dark glasses which should pay attention to the 4 points, not to regret

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Driving in summer, can wear sunglasses to protect his eyes from the dazzling sunlight, but how much highway accidents associated with the driver is not the correct use of sunglasses, especially when in and out of the tunnel, because all of a sudden not to be able to adapt to the accident. Recommended reading: Hey! Do you really understand the sunglasses sunglasses and so much about driving? Four big error pay special attention to. High-speed traffic police, wearing dark glasses accident occurred in a row, time is at noon to three to four in the afternoon, mostly affected by direct sunlight, the pilot entered the tunnel after more can feel a dark, plus the inattention, speed too fast, improper operation is very easy to accidents. Traffic police action: before entering tunnel, remember to open the car headlights, took off her dark glasses ahead of time, slow down. Don't wear sunglasses, anti sunshine one feet four rail brakes. Traffic police action: took off her dark glasses into the tunnel, the tunnel remember to wear when light intensity intense. Without sunglasses, might as well more than a few blinks of the eyes, let oneself to adapt to a sudden bright light. Small a pair of sunglasses, wear too inaccurate will cause an accident, the details of a lot of people don't notice at ordinary times. So, how to choose sunglasses to favour the driving safety when driving? National optometry technicians MeiYiDan Sir, drivers choose sunglasses in summer ( Sunglasses) On color, material selection, there are a lot of attention to. Myth: the deeper the color, the better, many people take it for granted that the deeper the color the better uv protection function. Actually, the function of sunglasses filter ultraviolet associated only with plating membrane, color is not as deep as possible. Open long-distance drivers, in particular, if wear sunglasses color too deep, eye fatigue, more easily from the strong sunlight to enter the tunnel and other light suddenly dark place also is more dangerous. Erroneous zone 2: the polarized lens most comfortable a lot of drivers like wearing a polarizer, is the sunglasses can effectively filter out glare. Glare can make the human eye discomfort and fatigue, and affect vision clear, so a lot of drivers think polarizer eyes the most comfortable. Mr May remind, actually polarizer is more suitable for fishing, skiing or water sports wear. Especially the polarizer is cheap, look through the car windscreen will be out of shape, are more likely to cause an accident. 'If you must wear polarizer, it is good to must choose quality optical lens. The kind of polarizer drive wear shall not be few yuan. 'Drivers if like the comfortable polarizer anti glare, Mr May recommend mercury film lens:' some stars will wear the glasses, looks like a mirror, there is a strong function of anti glare, suitable for driving a car. Myth 3: 'don't wear myopia mirror some drivers slight myopia, usually don't wear myopia glasses no problem driving. But once put on sunglasses, the question becomes: eyes more easily fatigue, eyesight will fall, just like driving at night vision will be affected. So, mild myopia of drivers, driving at ordinary times is no problem, if you want to wear sunglasses, must be equipped with a myopic degree lens. Myth 4: colorful fashion fashionable young people, have all sorts of color sunglasses, used with clothes. Mr May remind, a lot of beautiful color sunglasses, et play just as well, but should not be used while driving. He also details the different colors of the lens, such as zhejiang is most suitable for wearing a grey lens, because gray can fit all kinds of spectrum, does not change the basic chromatography. The second is green. Dark brown, yellow lenses enhance the role of brightness, suit to chongqing, Beijing, foggy, dusty city. In hangzhou, wear this kind of color sunglasses to glare, is not appropriate. And a lot of girls like pink, purple lenses, will change color, spectrum, and should not be wearing while driving.
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