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Wearing on the face of smart watches: Vuzix will launch new smart sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
OFweek wearable devices along with the development of the intelligent dressing equipment, will only appear in the film and television works in the high-tech products before seems to have gradually become a reality. According to foreign media reports, Vuzix is launching a blend of the wearable and augmented reality technology equipment, and the device will be in next year's consumer electronics show ( CES 2017) Appearance, that is, the new Blade 3000 smart sunglasses. It is reported, this equipment is designed to provide users with up display ( 住房和城市发展部) Sort of experience, so that in many cases to replace smartphone applications ( Is similar to smart watches) 。 Vuzix through patent 'guidewave optics' and Cobra II reality engine to achieve the goal, can you in the real world again superimposed on a layer of data, is a bit like HoloLens with Microsoft platform. Or both, of course, have different place, Blade 3000 related technology integration to a modelling is especially suitable for daily wear glasses of ( Rather than a heavy head-mounted device) 。 At the same time, the Blade also support through the Wi - 3000 Fi and bluetooth connectivity and smart matching, then can be used to being pushed, GPS navigation, Both in the form of payable to show/HUD) 。 Vuzix said, wearing the Blade of 3000 people, is not necessary to completely out of his pocket their mobile phones, because the glasses are not just as a 'second screen'. Blade 3000 also integrates the hd camera, motion tracking, as well as a touchpad. Despite its run on the Android operating system, but is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones. Now is in the midst of the explosive high-tech development, maybe in the near future, those who appear to be film and television work, the concept of product will have been created! This article from wearable device network, we are committed to promoting authority, professional knowledge, such as impact original rights and interests, please contact the small make up, we will delete the first time. E-mail: kaity @ yichao. Cn
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