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Wearing red sunglasses was susceptible to cataracts

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
In recent years, the eye clinic received cataract patients showed younger trend, and every summer is the season of the disease. Investigate its reason, may be sunglasses. Experts said, the human body has a self-protection instincts, eyes in case of strong light, the pupil will naturally, through ultraviolet strength will be weakened. Although sunglasses not isolate uv role, but after wearing because the light is not strong, the pupil contraction amplitude will be much smaller, at this time in front of the 'invasion' of ultraviolet ray, eyes portal is big, its damage. Some patients are common clinically, wearing inappropriate or inferior sunglasses because cause related diseases such as cataracts. Therefore, everybody should choose normal manufacturer to produce sunglasses, color can choose medium, such as the depth of the green, grey, dark brown, don't choose red, because red lens of ultraviolet absorption effect is poor, can't protect his eyes. Previous cataract onset age was 50 - 60 years old, according to a survey in recent years, 30 - 40, the proportion of patients with rising gradually, the total number of young patients is increasing at the rate of about 10% a year, cataract is not the patent of the old man already. Expert introduction, young people also work pressure big, long-term in front of the computer desk, often the problem such as the use of mobile phones, these can lead to cataract incidence appeared younger trend. It is important to note that the early symptoms of cataracts is not just a vision, a smaller field of vision, stereo vision becomes poor, reduced ability to distinguish between colors and aberration, reading rate decline and eyes adapt to the ability to reduce is likely to be associated with early cataract. 'Once diagnosed cataract surgery as soon as possible.
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